We create business solutions on social media.

We integrate strategy with the right medium and the right ad models. We do not accept and do not offer any idea unless it's based on data. 'If you can't measure it, it doesn’t work.'

For achieving this, we develop technology, analyze data,
study user behavior and experiment constantly.
We don’t do everything, we do one thing perfectly.

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Who are we anyway?

PUBLIK is a digital agency founded in 2011, focused primarily on social media advertisement.

We prefer to focus on advertisement instead of serving on all areas. We mix our marketing & sales services with supporting technologies and platforms that we develop.

We focus on ad sales for all our products, and undertake business development, design and development for building our own products.

We believe in personal development, creativity, loving what you do, creating difference, and Apple.

What do we do?

News from Us on Media

We try to share our media-firsts, our views on digital media and our clients’ views on our products on visual and print media since the day our company was founded.